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Drawing Course for English Speaking People

Drawing Course for Adults in Tórshavn Evening- Youth- and Art School, fall 2016

Goal: To learn basic drawing skills and techniques.
Content:We will learn about composition, light and shade, space and forms.
We will be drawing different items, like stuffed faroese birds, small statues and faces.
The first hour will usually be some general exercise for all, the second hour will be free to draw anything you want.
Equipment: Pencils, crayons, colorpencils and markers etc. The Evening School will provide drawing paper.
Target group: English speaking people in the Faroes, both non-experienced drawers and experienced.
When: Wednesdays from 18.30 to 20.30. Starts in september 2016 and 10 succeding weeks.
A following Course will start after New Year 2017 and 10 succeding weeks – depending that enough people sign up for the Course.

PS: The signup for the Course is made via the Schools webpage.
Signup starts: 29. august 2016.

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